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Small Animals for Sale

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Small Animals at Petland Beavercreek

At Petland, we are proud to offer a wide variety of small animals that are sure to warm your heart! Whether you’re looking for a hamster, a guinea pig, a rabbit, or a ferret, we have the perfect cuddly companion for you. Our small animals are housed in open petter style environments, allowing you to interact and socialize with them at your leisure.

We offer the following types of small animals, each with their own unique characteristics:

  • Hamsters: Hamsters come in various breeds, including Syrian, Dwarf, and Roborovski. These small and adorable creatures are known for their compact size, fluffy fur, and cute whiskers. Hamsters are relatively low-maintenance pets, making them popular choices for many households.
  • Guinea Pigs: Friendly and sociable, guinea pigs are beloved pets that are perfect for both children and adults. With their distinct personalities and soft, cuddly coats, guinea pigs provide endless entertainment and companionship.
  • Rabbits: Rabbits are gentle and lovable creatures that make great companions. They come in different sizes and breeds, with each having its own unique features. Rabbits are known for their long ears, twitchy noses, and playful nature.
  • Ferrets: Highly energetic and mischievous, ferrets are charismatic pets that require dedicated owners. They are known for their curiosity, intelligence, and playful nature. Ferrets thrive on social interaction and mental stimulation.

At Petland, our small animals are well-socialized while in our store. Unlike other pet stores where animals are behind glass enclosures, our furry friends are accessible and you can choose one based on their unique personality. We believe in encouraging socialization, as it not only enhances the bond between small animal and owner but also ensures that our customers become well-informed pet parents before bringing one of our precious companions home.

In addition to our wide selection of small animals, we also carry a comprehensive range of supplies to ensure you can provide the best care for your new furry friend. From top-of-the-line cages and habitats that are visually appealing and easy to clean, to the latest toys, treats, and high-quality foods, we have everything you need to create a nurturing environment and strengthen the bond between you and your small animal. Our goal at Petland is to match the right pet with the right customer and meet the needs of both – that’s our mission and passion.

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