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Some of Our 5-Star Reviews

  • We loved the pup we got last December, we came back and added a little sister for her. The employees are all so nice. Every time we came back to get our little girls, food, they remember her. These aren't just dogs to them
    Our second little one, is just as wonderful, and smart as our first one is.
    So glad we got them, and from here!!

    Bonnie B

  • The worker are very understanding, a lot of knowledge of needs of what they sell. Kids loved playing with the animals in the playtime room!

    Devan Greene

  • Very friendly sales girl. Clean inside and smells clean.

    Tabitha Robinson

  • We recently bought a fish tank and fish. The staff were awesome. I will update this if I can remember names. Like any pet store some things were a little pricey. I will happily pay an extra dollar or two for the customer service. Being able to talk to people and get opinion. They aren’t pushy at all and will tell you honest pros and cons about what your getting.

    Matthew Hawker

  • Very clean environment you can tell the staff cares about the animals well being. Good enclosures for all the animals as well.

    Aaron Adkins

  • Great all around pet supply store.

    Don Huckle

  • The grandkids had fun petting the dogs.

    David Brandenburg

  • Loved it! It was so great, and I enjoyed my experience

    Olivia Is My Name

  • Very Very Very relaxing store. Wonderful employees. Thank-You for play time.

    Russel Eby

  • Their dogs are really well cared for! My dog is lovely and possibly the best dog I've ever had. Thank you for making such a difference in my life 😊

    Jenna Bradley

  • Found my Four legged forever friend today. It was a wonderful experience. Staff are knowledgeable and very helpful. They are honestly carrying and concerned for the welfare of all their animals.

    Emily Nelson

  • I love it here. Everyone was such a great help.


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